Our Team Principal, Tony Harding shared this message with his Pack before heading off on the Tour:

“While I may not be with you in body today, I am with you in spirit. I have been one of the fortunate managers to experiance the joy and despair of winning and losing on the Genting climb. I was there when Robert Hunter (riding for Mapei) lost the tour on 2nd last stage of Genting and, I was there when Cox ( Barloworld) and George (National Team) won the tour on Genting.
Today is going to require all of you to make that fist and ride as a unit and a TEAM to achieve the goals we have set ourselves”.


ProTouch conquered this tour with heaps of guts, patience and determination. This definitely was shown on stage 4 of the Tour (Queen Stage). At this stage ProTouch was lying the 1st team on GC and with our third top placed rider 0.22” behind the Yellow Jersey.

Tour LangKawi was ended off on an outstanding result having received  2nd placed team on the UCI team rankings just a few points behind Rwanda! We are unlocking our performance to be the best African team on the UCI rankings in the near future.


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