ProTouch selected Selle San Marco saddles for its 2020 season. Selle San Marco’s style has been synonymous with experience and great success since the early 1935. Each saddle expresses the deep artisan tradition and great care for every detail, characteristics that have made us a symbol of Made in Italy.

The legacy of its long history and technological innovation, combine today to give continuity to the iconic products that have always distinguished them. A philosophy that makes each of their saddles unique and special, recognizable worldwide and synonymous with quality and excellence.

The passion, lightness and comfort at the service of performance. The ideal product for those who want to challenge the asphalt. ProTouch has these two models on its @DevelProject bikes available from


  • Design and ergonomics in the new GND were conceived specifically to achieve the perfect mix between areas of release and areas of support.
  • The front part is wider and softer compared to other saddles in the collection, offering increased comfort, even in more aggressive positions (for example, on climbs).
  • The design, ergonomics, and width of the back part of the saddle offer perfect support for the cyclist, even when they’re not pushing hard on the pedals.
  • Its features and design make the GND saddle particularly suited for the Off-Road sector.
  • The saddle’s structure is open in the middle to alleviate pressure, while full-fit padding (no hole) prevents riding pants from getting wet.
  • GND is also upholstered with dual materials: the resistant “microfeel” for areas of support and two “woven” areas that guarantee maximum abrasion and scratch resistance on the sides of the saddle itself.

Shortfit Supercomfort Racing Wide

  • SHORTFIT is the perfect saddle both from the aesthetic and technological point of view.
  • It has the virtue of satisfying the most demanding cyclists and it never disappoints those who test it for the very first time.
  • It is a light and comfortable saddle that ensures remarkable performances.
  • The design is unique: an essential shape synonym for lightweight and comfort.
  • The ergonomics have been redefined through a specific study in order to find a perfect balance between support and relief zone.

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